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"Biology and computer science - life and computation - are related. I am confident that at their interface great discoveries await those who seek them."

Leonard Adleman

About us

DNS Softwarehouse Ltd. was established nearly 30 years ago. Since then we develop and support our integrated ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning systems on the financial, commercial, energy, pharmaceutic and vehicle leasing markets.

Our Partners are small and medium-sized enterprises from diverse field of activities. Prestigious companies, using our flexible and user friendly applications contentedly.

With those experience we’ve been gaining through the cognition of the different areas, we’ve extended our profile and today we provide business, as well as technical consultancy.

Money and capital markets are supported with finance and accountancy assistance and also help on the field of reporting, whether it’s project management, decision making, process re-engineering or product implementation.

We ensure the success of all our projects owing to the expertise and versatile IT solutions of our outstanding colleagues.

Our history

"DNA is like a computer program but far, far more advanced than any software ever created."

Bill Gates


Basic modules

The core our ERP system consist of the financial, cash account, general ledger and the asset modules. These areas are largely regulated by law, hence most companies have the same functional needs. After the requirements are assessed, all modules can be quickly and easily parameterized and tailor-made.

Unique modules

Computer support of the core functionality can be realized after a thorough assessment. Since we have a diversified portfolio of partner companies in terms of activity profile, we possess flexible basic modules, like inventory register, production, hour settlement, fleet management etc., that can be adapted to the unique needs of the client, this makes us capable of undertaking a fully tailor-made system implementation at short notice.

Integrated ERP systems

Our company develops integrated Enterprise Resource Planning systems since the beginning. According to our several decade experience, life of all companies are unique, however there are activities that can be found everywhere and are largely built on the same processes. In line with this, we try to meet our Clients requirements the fullest.

"The coding regions of DNA have the very same property of sequence specificity, or information content, that computer codes and linguistic texts do."

Stephen C. Meyer


Owing to the widely acquired professional knowledge of our colleagues, to the innovative technologies we possess and the tools we use, we promote our Customers’ management information system, data service, organizational units, projects or we also monitor their systems.

We create data warehouses and data markets by collecting the data of our Clients’ operation systems and by integrating the analytical systems, these serve as basis of „smart” solutions and root of data asset management.


"Since experience shows that intelligence is the only presently acting cause of information, we can infer that intelligence is the best explanation for the information in DNA."

Jonathan Wells


Our first priority in consultancy is to support our Partners achieving their goals. We define the optimal and set the target, if necessary by assembling the strategy, part-strategies, action plans based on the available information and the assessment of the business and IT areas.

We assist the steps of the execution with methodologies fitting the task and monitor the implementation. We ensure efficiency during verification with the tools of project controlling and BPR and serve the MIS and the data requirements of the impacted departments.



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